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Manage your menopausal muscles


For immediate release: 2 November 2010

Manage your menopausal muscles

Do your joints feel stiff when you get out of bed in the morning? Do your hands hurt when you unscrew bottle tops? Around 66% of women complain of aching muscles and creaking joints around the time of the menopause – and, in many cases, doctors can’t find any underlying cause. If you’re one of them, what should you do about your symptoms?

In the Autumn 2010 issue of The Menopause Exchange newsletter, GP Dr Sally Hope looks at possible causes of muscular aches and pains in menopausal women. She describes carpal tunnel syndrome (which affects the wrists), generalised symptoms caused by vitamin D deficiency and how some prescribed medicines can cause aches and pains as a side effect.

“Aches and pains are very common at the menopause, but should always be assessed by a doctor in case there is an underlying cause,” says Norma Goldman, founder and director of The Menopause Exchange. “In our article, Dr Hope looks at possible management options for menopausal muscle and joint problems, including HRT, phytoestrogens, lifestyle changes and over-the-counter pain relief.”

The Menopause Exchange is completely independent – it’s not sponsored by any companies and is funded purely by subscriptions from individuals and healthcare professionals. Other articles in the Autumn 2010 issue include side effects of HRT, expert tips for menopausal symptoms and blood pressure at the menopause.

Become a member of The Menopause Exchange in 2010 to receive our special offer. This includes two free back issues of The Menopause Exchange newsletter in addition to the usual membership entitlements. (Members of The Menopause Exchange receive four issues of the newsletter, regular fact sheets, use of the information service and access to the ‘Ask the Experts’ panel). Annual individual membership to The Menopause Exchange is £18.

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1. The Menopause Exchange was launched in June 1999.
2. The founder and director of The Menopause Exchange is Norma Goldman, a pharmacist with a Master’s degree in health promotion. She gives talks on the menopause to employees in the workplace and hospitals, women and women’s groups, healthcare professionals, GP practices, organisations, health clubs and at exhibitions. Her daughter, Victoria, the editor of the newsletter, is an experienced health journalist with a BSc. degree in Biomedical Science and a Master’s degree in Science Communication.
3. The aim of The Menopause Exchange is to raise the awareness of the menopause among women, healthcare professionals (e.g. nurses and pharmacists) and complementary practitioners.
4. Topics covered in previous issues of the newsletter include: the perimenopause; types and forms of HRT; easing flushes and sweats without HRT; phytoestrogen and herb safety; testing for osteoporosis; sleeping better at the menopause; menopausal libido; vitamin D; coping with stress; and premature menopause.
5. UK annual membership (4 issues of the newsletter, regular fact sheets, use of the information service and ‘Ask the Experts’ panel) costs £18 for individuals; £22 for local organisations; £40 for companies/national organisations; corporate (over 10 copies) and overseas memberships are available on request.
All press enquiries to Norma Goldman on 020 842