Julie and Peter Maxted with Lucy the lab
Julie and Peter Maxted with Lucy the lab

The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company ( launched five months ago in the face of the recession by husband and wife couple, Peter and Julie Maxted from Horsham, West Sussex, now has three licensees on board. They are based in Surbiton, Surrey; Tunstead in Norfolk and Rochford in Essex.

Both Peter and Julie have worked in the pet and home services industry for eight years and clearly saw the need to help others operate a professionally run business using their own pet and house care blueprint.

"We set out all those years back to provide a pet care and houseminding service that we would have wanted ourselves," said Julie. "When we started, such was the demand for our service, we soon realised other people wanted a professional approach for their pet care, and not always asking a neighbour or family member. As such, we have now developed this fantastic business opportunity too."

The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company offer a real and profitable business based upon their own experiences and high standards of pet and home care. They saw the potential for people who want to earn good money, and be their own boss in a buoyant market. When you consider one in four households now owns a dog, and the same number own a cat, it is an industry is continuing to grow.

“Buying a licence with your own set territory from The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company is a great opportunity and will enable you to get into this growth market, having the security of their comprehensive package, coupled with business mentoring through those sometimes difficult first twelve months of trading,” says Peter. The Company has set out to remove the fear factor of setting out on your own, covering extensively subjects that range from legislation, accounting and self assessment through to essential customer care and service. Peter adds, " We understand that certain people, when starting up a new business can suffer from a feeling of isolation, so to have us on hand to discuss and work these issues out, as well as full use of our interactive forum to post queries and exchange views, we think is fantastic."

Julie concludes, “This licence offer is a winner – it allows you to tailor the business to suit yourself, work within a highly rewarding industry that is here to stay and bring flexibility back into your life."

For more information about The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company, please contact Peter and Julie Maxted on 01403 268282, email: