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Aziralili New Art Show in London- " Summer " Preview 21 June 6pm till 2 July 2011

Aziralili - Sailing Ships

Artist’s details
Email : Agnieszka Dirks
Mob 0048607067999 - Artist Website
Exhibition: June 19th - 2 July 2011

For Aziralili life is a fascination - as she shows in her every artwork.

Her arrival into the world in a small Polish town in an esteemed familly significantly determined the development and future life of Aziralili. She graduated from the University of Wroclawin Art and Business Studies. During her time at College Agnieszka travelled a lot to gain inspiration and produced a large variety of work. She also designed a spring/summer clothes collection which went into production. After finishing her studies Aziralili had a variety of possibilities open to her and she continued to work on her painting technique - she paints , sketches and exhibits her paintings. She also married and had a daughter.

New experiences and challenges gave birth to a new outlook onto reality - her hypnotic Paintings were exhibited in Germany, USA, and Poland. Aziralili dedicated herself more and more to her painting, her passion - representing emotions, experiences and desires in her paintings. They are structurally diverse expressions resulting from the repetition of similar elements found within the universe .
Its rules and laws of nature, coded in our sub-consciousness, guide us. And decide what people find desirable and attractive.
Agnieszka Dirks -2011

ROA Gallery
5b Pall Mall
Royal Opera Arcade
London SW1Y 4UY
Tel 02079308069