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Britain’s best behaved schoolchild is named Sarah.

She wears a proper school uniform with a badge, does her schoolwork and doesn't answer back, a survey of teachers shows.

The poll for The Schoolwear Association shows the top five names of well-behaved children are:

1. Sarah
2. Lucy
3. Hannah
4. Harry
5. Jessica

The most common bad behaviours cited by teachers are answering back and refusing to do schoolwork but teachers told pollsters children were less likely to behave badly in a proper school uniform.

A spokesperson for the Schoolwear Association, whose members clothe two thirds of UK children, said: “Behaviour is a huge issue in schools, and this survey shows a proper uniform is part of the solution with 83 per cent of teachers preferring their class to wear it. A uniform that is specific to a school creates a sense of belonging, looks smart and makes the child feel...

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