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In Memoriam Dr Guy Bérard, developer of AIT sound therapy

A pioneer in his field, Dr. Guy Bérard passed away peacefully at his home in Annecy, in the French Alps, last summer. His work in sound therapy has helped thousands of people around the world and since 2012 we have been celebrating his extraordinary life and achievements on his birthday, 20 January with Bérard International Day. Auditory Integration Training (AIT), an auditory retraining programme, was the crowning achievement of his life and has helped many people to dramatically improve their lives.

On this day, we at The Sound Learning Centre celebrate the application of Dr Bérard’s work and how it has been of benefit to our clients, many of whom have come from far and wide. We regularly see clients from around the world, including Kuwait, Dubai, Egypt, Australia, and many European countries as well as from all...

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