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Spice up Pancake Day this year!

Leading up to Lent, the tradition for Christians is to use up the indulgent, fatty ingredients in the cupboard before the very plain food or fasting during the next 40 days. In that spirit, it seems entirely appropriate to use the spices that were once considered luxuries, so the Spicery in Bath have put together a special Pancake Day spicebox to make the most of the day!

Just make a big batch of batter then season the savoury pancakes with the special smoky, spicy blend full of sweet smoked paprika, Aleppo and Urfa mild chilli flakes, thyme and yellow mustard, and then enjoy 2 types of sweet pancakes with cinnamon jam, vanilla sauce and poppy seeds, or spiced roast apples flavoured with ginger, cassia and nutmeg

Pancake Day boxes...

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