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Hard drive and other data destruction

A pioneering UK company, Send & Destroy, is the first of its kind to provide a flexible, low cost solution to sensitive data destruction, saving businesses millions of pounds should the unthinkable happen.

Old and disused data devices - hard drives, USBs, tablets, PDAs – can be sent through the post, or by tracked courier, to Send & Destroy’s Hampshire-based facility to be asset listed, destroyed and recycled. An official Certificate of Destruction is provided as proof of secure disposal.

According to recent reports, the worst data breach incidents are costing UK businesses between £1.5 million and £3m on average through business disruption, lost sales and assets, and damage to reputation. And cases are rising.*

In 2010 Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust was imposed with a fine for £325,000 after sensitive data of thousands of people was discovered on hard drives sold on eBay after a contractor failed to destroy 232...

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