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British businesses save millions with UK's first postal data destruction service

Hard drive and other data destruction

A pioneering UK company, Send & Destroy, is the first of its kind to provide a flexible, low cost solution to sensitive data destruction, saving businesses millions of pounds should the unthinkable happen.

Old and disused data devices - hard drives, USBs, tablets, PDAs – can be sent through the post, or by tracked courier, to Send & Destroy’s Hampshire-based facility to be asset listed, destroyed and recycled. An official Certificate of Destruction is provided as proof of secure disposal.

According to recent reports, the worst data breach incidents are costing UK businesses between £1.5 million and £3m on average through business disruption, lost sales and assets, and damage to reputation. And cases are rising.*

In 2010 Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust was imposed with a fine for £325,000 after sensitive data of thousands of people was discovered on hard drives sold on eBay after a contractor failed to destroy 232 decommissioned drives.

More recently, the personal details of 30,000 Barclays customers, said to be missing for seven years, were discovered on a memory stick during a police raid.

But the biggest cost to businesses stemming from a data breach incident relate to business disruption caused by those incidents, with costs ranging from between £800,000 and £2.1m on average for disruption spanning four to 11 days.*

Send & Destroy is part of established electrical and electronic waste management company, iWaste, and is licensed and approved by the Environment Agency and the ICO, with clients including the NHS, Odeon Cinemas and 3M UK. Every item of waste received is recycled, helping to reduce the estimated 2.5 million tonnes of electronic waste thrown into landfill by UK households and businesses every year.

Company director, Sam Mountain, saw a gap in the market for flexible, low cost data destruction, he says: “Most businesses have a glut of disused electronic equipment hanging around without knowing what to do with it, or whether it holds sensitive information that could be catastrophic if it fell into the wrong hands. For many there isn’t the significant budget available for modern destruction services. Taking it to the local unsecure Waste Recycling Centre is not the answer!

“With Send & Destroy there’s no need to employ a waste management carrier on a longer term contract. This flexible, cost-effective solution is ideal for small businesses, start-ups and even households, giving them peace of mind that any sensitive information doesn’t come back to haunt them.”

Services start from £4.99 for a single hard drive. For more information about Send & Destroy visit

*SOURCE: PwC Report 2015


Notes to editors:

Send & Destroy is part of established electrical and electronic waste management company, iWaste, and is licensed and approved by the Environment Agency and the ICO, and hold the highest standard accreditation for electronics and hard drive disposal in the United Kingdom. iWaste specialise in the collection, treatment and recycling of waste electronics, along with secure data disposal. The management team has over 15 years’ experience in handling, destroying and certifying the destruction of sensitive data for businesses including SMEs, multinational corporations and public bodies. Visit

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