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Munich, 28 July 2010 – TriaGnoSys has today launched its complete integrated solution to enable telecoms network operators to deploy GSM and 3G communications networks in areas of the world where communications are otherwise impossible. The solution uses ip.access hardware and Quortus core network infrastructure, combined with TriaGnoSys’ backhaul and remote management software, and world-leading compression technology.

The solution, which can use both satellite and landline connections, is expected to provide communications for three main uses. The first is in areas of the world where traditional infrastructures are not practicable, for example towns and villages in the Amazon region. Second, it can be swiftly deployed for use immediately after natural emergencies when local infrastructures have been damaged or destroyed. Finally, it has a number of governmental and military applications.

Dr Axel Jahn, Managing Director of TriaGnoSys, said, “We are...

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