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The results are in from one of the biggest patient studies into obesity to be held in Greater Manchester, and they show not only significant weight loss but people reporting that they wanted to eat less, enjoyed moving more and felt more confident.

More than 50 patients, who all live in Denton, Manchester and many of whom have diabetes,
took part in a 12-week trial designed to help them shed pounds and significantly improve their health. 

In a unique experiment doctors measured how much weight they could lose without using willpower or dieting – and how that weight loss affects their blood sugar levels.

And the results show not only an average weight loss of 20lbs, but
 72 per cent reporting a decrease in appetite;
 65 per cent saying they have more energy and are more mobile
 57 per cent describing a rise in levels of confidence and less anxiety

The study, which followed on from the success...

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