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The SHOFT device

As your toddler gets older, the time will come when you need to take them out of their infant car seat and move them into a booster seat. Trouble is, the car was not designed with booster seats in mind, and on cornering and braking, seat belts tend to work loose, allowing the booster seat to tip and rock. RoSPA, the UK charity dedicated to accident prevention in the UK, states that seat belts should be ‘as tight as possible without any slack’. In practice this is seldom the case. Even with newer vehicles, how many parents actually use the ISO-FIX locks properly?

SHOFT is a new device from the British company TUTCH Designs Ltd that has been proven to help to keep drivers and passengers in a healthier and potentially safer seated position, by making sure that yours and your child's seat is fitted in accordance with guidlines put forward by RoSPA


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