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Tiger Awareness

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By Sally Hamilton

On February 14th the Chinese will be celebrating their New Year’s Eve and in the Chinese Zodiac 2010 falls in the Year of the Tiger. Many wildlife species are endangered, but it is now thought that the Wild Tiger is one of the most critically endangered of all. In the 20th century three of the eight sub-species of tiger became extinct; the Balinese in 1937, the Caspian in the 1950’s and most recently the Javan in the 1980’s.

The five remaining sub-species are all critically endangered – these are the Siberian, largest of the tigers, the Bengal, the Sumatran, the Indo-Chinese and the South China tiger. The South China tiger is the smallest of the sub-species and is also the closest to extinction, it is believed there are now only 25 left in the wild.

Although tiger derivatives are totally illegal and it has never been proven...

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