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Technology adapted from heart stents wins at the Oscars of the Innovations World

A pillow aimed at reducing the risk of patients contracting hospital acquired infection and designed to eliminate the allergy triggers contained in conventional pillows scooped the overall award at Ireland’s Product Innovation of the Year at the third annual InterTradeIreland Innovation Awards in Dublin on Tuesday night.

SleepAngel pillow talk….

Have you ever wondered who slept on your hotel pillow before you, what ailments they had and what they used their pillow for? According to Dublin-based Gabriel Scientific, after two years of use up to one-third of a pillow’s weight can be made up of bacteria and fungal spores, also alive and dead dust mites and their unsavoury secretions. This is bad enough in the home, but in hotels and especially hospitals it can be highly dangerous, with bedding and pillows identified as reservoirs and vectors for allergy triggers...

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