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New research reveals 300% growth in African technology entrepreneurship

35 technology hubs in 13 countries mapped on-line at AfricaHubs

Crowdsourced research by BongoHive Zambia has revealed that there are at least three times as many technology entrepreneurship hubs in Africa than even the best-informed 'industry insiders' had previously thought.

The initiative has produced the first ever on-line map of Africa's technology hubs, business incubators, hackerspaces and university technology hubs It's amazing and we suspect that this is only the tip of the iceberg", says Lukonga Lindunda, co-Founder of BongoHive, “New reports are arriving at the website every day revealing the true proportions of Africa's passion for new information and communication technologies (ICTs)”.

“Before this process began the largest network of technology hubs in Africa...

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