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TopLine launches lead generation service

the success of these campaigns is entirely judged by the number of leads generated

23 January 2014, LONDON – TopLine Communications has launched a B2B lead generation service in order to meet growing demands for PR and marketing services that can be measured with new business leads.
The service combines digital marketing, social media and PR with creative content and powerful marketing software, and TopLine has proven the concept with successful lead generation projects with three clients in 2013.

“Every business has interesting insight into its market that is worth sharing with customers, but turning those ideas into campaigns that can be measured at tweaked at every stage in the marketing funnel requires a detailed understanding of what makes prospects sit up and listen, and then what prompts them to act. We’re brought in to find out what that is, nurture it, produce content that is of real value and strategically market it to prospects,” says Heather Baker, CEO and Founder of TopLine Communications.
"We get under the skin of prospects to understand their behaviour as they move through the B2B buying cycle and the success of these campaigns is entirely judged by the number of leads generated," Baker continues.

The lead generation service includes everything from fully managed lead generation to advice and support on overcoming hurdles in existing campaigns, all tracked against agreed KPIs in TopLine’s Results Framework: a reporting structure that is designed to appeal just as much to the finance director as to the CEO.

TopLine Communications was established in 2008 and is the agency behind the B2B PR Blog, which won business blog of the year in the 2013 UK Social Media Communications Awards.

For more information please contact:

Niamh Kinsella
P: +44 0207 580 6502