Skip nav pledges to support Alzheimer’s Society awareness efforts

Over 50s top four health concerns: Losing brain capacity 36%; Aching joints 22%; Emerging cancers 11%; Unhealthy heart 9%; Poorer vision & eyes 6%

LONDON, September 29 2016 – Over 2,200 Silversurfers voted on their main health concerns as they get older. Martin Lock, CEO,, stated: “With people living longer*, it’s no surprise that the over 50s are concerned about all aspects of their health and how to maintain it. In our poll our member’s top medical concern was ‘losing brain capacity’ as the disease is becoming more widespread. The Alzheimer’s Society predicts 1 million Brits will suffer with dementia by 2025. Although there are ongoing clinical trials and research into cures continues, the NHS will be hard pushed to cope with the predicted number of Alzheimer sufferers.”


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