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Survey reveals 52% of men believe they'd be financially healthier without a better half.

They say that chivalry's dead, but a new survey by has revealed that more than half of men believe they spend more money in a relationship than they would as a singleton. Dates, gifts, getaways – of the 600 people surveyed, 52% of men currently in a relationship feel that life as a couple is more expensive than going it alone.

• 52% of men in a relationship believe they'd be richer as bachelors
• 61% of women in a relationship think they'd be financially better off as they are.
• Age affected the results as it was largely middle-aged people (35-44) who answered “yes”
• Meanwhile 68% of single people agreed that they’d be wealthier remaining alone

This data may appear surprising, especially given the current high costs of living alone. Rent,...

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