DocuSign and IDnow France Launch Remote Qualified Electronic Signature Offering. Partnership paves the way for efficient, secure and fully digital customer onboarding certified by ANSSI

IDnow France launches remote QES service
IDnow France launches remote QES service

IDnow, the online identification verification specialist, and DocuSign, the world leader in electronic signatures and Trust Service Providers, today announced the ANSSI (French national authority in cyber defence, network and information security) certification of DocuSign's fully qualified electronic signature offering, based on IDnow's remote video identification verification platform.

Although many online transactions require a high level of security and legal protection, consumers also demand speed, convenience and simplicity. So for many critical transactions, such as the opening of a first bank account or the signing of a mortgage offer, the qualified electronic signature provides the highest level of legal protection since it offers the equivalent guarantee of a handwritten signature, benefits from the presumption of reliability, and ensures that the signatory has been identified with a level of reliability equivalent to a face-to-face meeting.

DocuSign, the world leader in electronic signature and Trust Service Provider, and IDnow, European leader in remote identification, are launching in France the first integrated solution of qualified electronic signature with identification of 100% remote signatories.

In order for a consumer to sign a document with a qualified signature, s/he is invited to log onto an online interface to review and sign the document. Before having access to this document, though, and if the user is accessing the service for the first time, they will be invited to identify themselves through a video chat with a specialised agent who will ask them to present their identification documents. At the end of this step, which only takes a few minutes, the user can create an account that will allow them to quickly identify themselves the next time they use the service, and they can then access the document and finalise the signature.

The service does not require any specific equipment and is available on almost all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

This joint solution, offered by DocuSign and IDnow, has been certified, according to the European eIDAS regulation, issued by the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems.

"We were eager to launch this solution on the French market with IDnow because it times with growing customer demand for high value online transactions, while offering the user a simple, intuitive and always-on experience. The integration of IDnow into the DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform provides the highest legal protection combined with the agility of our signature workflows for many sectors, such as financial services, insurance, real estate , the legal profession or human resources." says Thibault de Valroger, Director of Business Development & Compliance at DocuSign

"We are very proud that IDnow's remote identification verification solution has enabled DocuSign to offer the first 100% remote signature solution in France. The fact that our remote identification solution is recognised as being of equivalent reliability to face-to-face verification will open up new sectors as use cases in the French market, such as 100% online financial services", explained Rupert Spiegelberg, CEO of IDnow

About IDnow

Founded in 2014, IDnow is recognized as the specialist in video identification and electronic signature solutions. Its machine learning-based IdaaS (Identity as a Service) platform can verify in real time the identity of more than 7 billion potential customers from 193 different countries. Its solutions ensure legal compliance and absolute data protection for companies that want to offer identity verification and online contract signing. The company is supported by several investors including BayBG, Seventure Partner, G + D Ventures and Jet A. Its clients include internationally renowned companies such as Commerzbank, UBS, Sixt, and Telefonica Deutschland and many FinTechs such as Fidor , N26 and smava. To find out more, see:

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