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TrackR helps the UK find thousands of lost keys wallets and pets

TrackR offers the sleekest and smallest tracking device in the market.

The gadget to find gadgets, smaller than a 50p, more tenacious than Sherlock Holmes

London, UK, Dec. 18, 2015 – TrackR, pioneer of the Bluetooth tracker and digital inventory space, has arrived in the UK, just in time for Christmas shoppers to slip in one of its ingenious sub- £25 devices into their shopping baskets, whether virtual or physical.

The beautifully California-designed TrackR Bravo devices, were previously only available in the US and have been well-received by UK retailers. Now they are flying off the shelves of Argos, Currys, John Lewis, and EE phone shops.

A perfect stocking filler, TrackR’s metallic finishes can be customised and matched to a range of holiday purchases including laptops, smartphones, bicycles and not-just-for-Christmas pets. You can have your return to sender information etched into the back, add a nice message for a gift, or use it as a replacement for your cat or dog's name tag.

TrackR Bravo automatically keeps track of all your prized belongings once tagged by attaching the device using a self-adhesive strip or via keyring tab. Using the TrackR app, items can located around the home by causing them to ring. TrackR works both ways, if you can’t find your phone, press and hold the button on the TrackR bravo device to cause your phone to ring.

" TrackR offers the sleekest and smallest tracking device in the market. " The addition of Crowd GPS allows TrackR to continue to provide location details even when outside of Bluetooth range thanks to the principle of crowdsourcing, where local TrackR devices work like a ‘search party’ to help locate lost items in their immediate proximity.

Commenting on the launch, TrackR CEO, Chris Herbert, said: “We are delighted to be launching in to the UK market at this special time of year. We know historically the Brits are very good at navigating themselves around the world. Our hunch though is that when it comes to losing keys, they are much the same as the rest of the world”.

TrackR research has determined the average person will spend 153 days looking for lost or misplaced items during their lifetime. Its founders are determined this wasted time and energy will be restored to users of their products. The UK just got a little more connected, a little smarter and less likely to lose its stuff.


About TrackR

TrackR is a Santa Barbara, CA-based startup company founded in 2009 by Bluetooth pioneers Chris Herbert and Christian Smith, whose mission is to completely automate the process of personal organization and item inventory. TrackR’s innovative technologies replace the need to remember where everything is by putting your mental database onto a computer or phone.

TrackR was most recently named #155 on Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. Today, the company’s app software, cloud databases, and wireless devices help users track and manage where items are in an intuitive way. With TrackR, your search is over. Available at and Target stores.

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