For Fathers Day Give Your Dad the "Gift of Good Health!"

The Diet Plate full range
The Diet Plate full range

Men often overlook their own health, leaving their diet to chance and mostly eating whatever is put in front of them by their WAG at meal times. Great if your newly beloved is a gourmet cook, not so great if her idea of good nutrition is a supersized burger or a bucket of fried chicken and chips!

Food is usually served with love, which means that some women will put lots of yummy food in front of their partner, Father or Grandfather and "woe betide" them if they complain.

In fact, it is said that women can put an average of 10lbs on in weight during their first year of marriage! Why? probably because the new wife serves her beloved with much larger food portions and then tries to match him on her own plate potato for potato.

{{With Type 2 Diabetes ravaging the population it is more important than ever to take back control and empower people to take responsibility for their own health}} and by giving them gift of good health in the form of a diet plate this Father's day may just be the answer to at least preventing and at most curing many obesity related illnesses.

This clever portion control solution which has been clinically trialed to help control Type 2 Diabetes and combat obesity comes in the form of a calibrated dinner plate and bowl. Simply by swapping your regular dinnerware and using The Diet Plate instead, you can save hundreds of calories, it quite literally counts the calories so you don't have to. Costing just £19.99 plus postage, the solution will last a lifetime to guide and maintain weight loss in a safe and natural manner. Now available in a selection of Rowland's pharmacies, Payden's pharmacies and some independent chemists as well as on-line. Call 01457 860779 for further information and quote FD0610 for a 10% gift discount.

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