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Aerowalkers foot therapy exerciser has launched in Britain.

Whether you are taking a long haul flight, working in a sedentary job, are an office worker or computer user; are feeling tired or sluggish, are suffering from stiff joints or swelling, or simply have difficulty walking- then Aerowalkers are for you.

Our research found the single overriding need for people to enjoy a normal life was the ability to walk comfortably. Aerowalkers are Patented technology that makes a difference improving a person’s quality of life.

There are two primary reasons that limit a person's ability to walk: oedematous - swelling of the feet and lower legs, and tightening of the flexor muscles from pro-longed sitting. We discovered medical research which showed there was little known about a vein under the long arch of the foot that has been called the ‘foot pump vein’. The use of Aerowalkers creates a pulsating action to the foot pump vein, which...

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