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Monitor tweets by hashtag and location and present them live with Twiloco

Monitor tweets by hashtag & location

We’ve built Twiloco so users can listen to what people are saying about them locally through more accurate location filtering – Real-time monitoring of tweets by keyword and user location is now available through Twiloco, a free browser-based tool and ios and Android mobile monitoring app from UK developer Triden Elite.

Twiloco’s highly accurate, co-ordinate based filtering is as close to GPS accuracy as you can get. Users can monitor tweets live or opt to receive reports by email at selected times.

Twiloco Premium adds a powerful presentation tool for displaying a scrolling wall of live or selected tweets for projection at events or embedding in a web page. Available on monthly no-contract subscription, Twiloco Premium presentations are fully customisable.

Listen to local talk

Twiloco is aimed at Twitter power users, social media managers and events management companies to show what people say about you, generate sales leads and monitor how well your hashtags are trending.

“We’ve built Twiloco so users can listen to what people are saying about them locally through more accurate location filtering,” said Lex Barrow of Triden Elite.

“We’ve made Twiloco easy to use on mobiles and PC, giving people the options to monitor live or through reports emailed to them.

“Twiloco Premium’s Presentation View gives event managers maximum value from their search results by automatically generating professional presentations reflecting their own corporate identities. They can project these live at events or embed them on web sites.”


Monitoring – sign in, add keyword and location, press start

Social listening is easy with Twiloco: sign in with your Twitter account, type in chosen keyword(s) or phrase(s) and specify a geographical location. Start search to display a list of all new tweets containing your keywords posted by Twitter users at your specified location or who list it in their profile location field.

Click on user Twitter profiles or tweets to visit or follow, retweet, favorite or delete tweets.

Reporting – background monitoring reports by email
Twiloco Reporting offers an alternative to live monitoring by emailing you PDF reports of tweets it filters over a given period. Click to email a one-off report of current tweets or leave Twiloco to run in the background and opt to receive a report daily, every three days or weekly.

Presentation View – project or embed scrolling tweet presentations

Create a fully branded presentation using Twiloco Premium’s Presentation View to add logos, graphics, text and your corporate colours. Customise both header and footer as well as tweet background and text colours. Choose whether to display user profile images and tweet date and time stamps, then set how many seconds you want a tweet to be displayed.
Choose a live Twitter ‘wall’ filtered by your search terms or build a custom selection from tweets favorited with the Twitter account registered. Auto approval accepts all live tweets, while manual approval enables full moderation.

Presentation View also generates the embed code to paste your presentation into your web pages as well as a link you can email to clients to view your presentation online.

Secure and robust system

Triden Elite built Twiloco on tried and tested platforms to ensure it is secure and robust.

“Twiloco is a secure system – all we collect is a user’s email address,” continued Lex Barrow. “All other data is authenticated by Twitter and payments for premium accounts are handled by Stripe.

“We host Twiloco on Hetzner servers in Germany, which deliver 12-second redundancy before auto-resuming. If a listening session is interrupted, it restarts within seconds.”

Twiloco is available as a free version, returning a maximum of 50 results on up to 250 keywords before resetting, while Twiloco Premium gives up to 500 results and full presentation capabilities.

Professional and enterprise accounts are also available for managing multiple Twitter accounts.
Twiloco is available in the UK, European and US markets.

Full features listed in detail below – visit to sign in with Twitter for free.

Free limited time voucher codes for Twiloco Premium are available for journalists wanting to test and review the service.


Lex Barrow
Triden Elite
tel: 07725 855324
Twitter: @twiloco


Twiloco is a ‘tweet’ monitoring, reporting and presentation tool that monitors live tweets.

Available for browser and Android and ios mobile platforms

• Free version – up to 50 results per session

• Twiloco Premium – up to 500 results per session plus full presentation capabilities
GBP 10 / USD 16 / Europe EUR 15 per month

Twiloco Premium promotional rates – available to signups before 30 September 2015
UK GBP 6 per month – promotional code: #twilaunch
USA USD 10 per month – promotional code: #usalaunch
Europe EUR 9 per month – promotional code: #eulaunch

Promotional rates apply for as long as signed-up customers subscribe

• See web site for professional accounts to manage 5, 10 or 25 Twitter accounts


• Up to 250 keywords or phrases
• Negative keyword filter
• Location – within 10 or up to 200 miles
• Favorite tweets automatically or manually
• Monitors 24/7 even when you’re not logged in

Starts listing tweets sent after search is started:

• Twitter user – click to visit profile
• Tweet – click to display
• Tweet date and time
• Follow Twitter user
• Retweet, favorite or delete tweet


• Emailed PDF with user names, tweets, dates & times
• One-off, daily, every third day or weekly

Presentation View

• Customise presentation screen with background and text colours; header colour and logos/graphics; and footer colour and text
• Customise tweet background and text colours; optional display of user profile image and tweet date & time; set tweet display duration
• Choose to display live tweets filtered by search keywords & phrases or selection of favorited tweets
• Choose auto or manual approval of live tweets to moderate presentation content
• View presentation in browser or full screen for projection
• Embed presentation view in web pages using automatically generated embed code
• Email automatically generated presentation URL for clients to view presentation online


• Twitter authenticated login
• Payment via Stripe
• Hosted on Hetzner servers with 12-second redundancy auto resume


Triden Elite is a developer based in North Devon, United Kingdom. Established in 2012, Triden Elite develops apps, markets its own CRM system and builds web sites. It works with all sizes of business in many sectors, including large advertising agencies, medium-sized manufacturers and small businesses.

For details visit