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Compass Group Gets The Measure of its Online Applications With TRIO NETWORKS

Hypertrak Web Analyzer software assesses the true performance and problems of online financial management application

Compass Group, the world's largest foodservice company, has completed a web performance health check with Trio Networks. Hypertrak Web Analyzer software was installed for two weeks to assess the performance of a browser-based financial consolidation application, used worldwide by around 200 users. The project provided Compass Group with a clear analysis of internet versus online application performance.

Compass Group has over 415,000 employees working in more than 90 countries around the world providing foodservice and vending, with revenues in excess of £11bn. Around 100 finance-related employees from around the world access a key application via an internet browser to submit data to a single source report, and perform analysis and financial reporting tasks. When some territories experienced difficulty performing these tasks, the Group’s IT services team in Birmingham had no way of knowing whether it was the internet or the application itself that was to blame.

Robin Harvey, IT Operational Services Director at Compass Group explained: ”We already suspected that some subsidiaries such as India for example, simply suffer with infrastructure constraints. However, we were logging user complaints and needed to be able to break down the failure spots, by country, Internet Service Provider, web page and so on, in order to establish exactly why they were suffering from poor connectivity. Hypertrak was able to provide a component by component view of what was going on. This enabled us to identify all applications with poor performance, and report back internally with evidence that the faults did not lie with us,” added Harvey. “The moment we could see the data and analyse it, we were very impressed,” he continued.

Hypertrak Web Analyzer is installed as a stand-alone appliance and is completely non-intrusive. Connecting to the network via a tap or switch is straightforward and requires no change to the website or infrastructure. Typically Hypertrak is installed in an hour. For further information on a free* web health check offer from Trio Networks, call 01784 497361 or email

*Terms and conditions apply. The installation and use of the hardware and software during the trial period is free to organisations with a strong e-commerce operation or that deal in high value web content. Trio Networks reserves the right to refusal.

About Trio Networks
Trio Networks offers web performance and analysis with its flagship software product, Hypertrak. A non-intrusive solution, Hypertrak is being used by organisations with high value web content or strong e-commerce presence such as Reuters, and Octopus Travel to gain a detailed understanding of both the performance of their web-based services, as well as their customers’ complete online experience with them. It helps organisations maximise online revenue and loyalty, and supports a holistic view of their online service, end to end, from the customers’ perspective. Hypertrak adds absolutely no content or latency to an organisation’s network. It times requests and acknowledgements being made to and from the web server, and allows end users to interactively analyse the resulting performance data via a bespoke reporting interface. In turn, this information is used to easily identify or resolve technical, security and user issues such as content scraping, slow downloa
d speeds, high abort volumes, slow servers, page errors, ISP failures and much more.

Trio Networks is based at Orchard Building, Royal Holloway, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX. Tel: 01784 497360. Email: Web:

About Compass Group
Compass Group is the world's largest foodservice company with annual revenues in excess of £11 billion. Compass Group has over 415,000 employees working in more than 90 countries around the world. For more information, visit

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