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Tutora Expands Share of UK Private Education Market with Launch of Online Tutoring platform

Tutora, the UK’s fasting growing private tuition marketplace, has announced the launch of their new Online Classroom.

Supporting a network of over 20,000 tutors nationwide, Tutora seeks to bring trust and transparency to the tuition industry by utilising cutting edge tech solutions. The release of their Online Classroom is a momentous step for the company. This dual focus allows them to revolutionise the expanding market for private tuition in the UK, and enables them to serve an even broader range of users.

A recent study by the Sutton Trust has revealed that 1 in 3 children in the UK receive some form of tutoring. The sprawling tuition industry has remained relatively unchanged for many years, with an over-reliance on word-of mouth referrals, local agencies and directory-style listing sites. This latest move from the Sheffield based startup accelerates their progress in seeking to “uberise” the market and, therefore, allowing parents a more informed choice in seeking help for their children.

Scott Woodley, their Co-Founder and a former primary school teacher, said, “It’s so important that parents who are seeking to invest in supporting their children are able to find the very best tutors. Our new Online Classroom means that we can now help those in more rural areas, students with additional needs, or higher level learners find the most appropriate tutors for them, irrespective of where they live.”

The Online Classroom combined with their bespoke algorithm, which ranks tutors based on factors such as quality and trust, saves parents time and hassle when it comes to finding the best tutor for their child, as the school year gets underway. This latest move in Tutora’s digitisation of the industry further removes the common barriers parents face in seeking to find a great tutor, including finding someone with in-depth subject expertise and availability in their location. Moreover, the launch will be a welcome addition for those with mobility issues or very specific educational needs.

The Online Classroom will provide tutors with everything they need to deliver high-quality lessons, including an interactive whiteboard for drawing and annotations, alongside content sharing features to provide collaborative learning resources and notes. Tutors can resultantly teach students across the UK and beyond, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Within the ever-changing educational landscape, technological innovation is proving to be the winning ingredient for the startup's snowballing success. By continuing to innovate and build their platform, they are rapidly becoming the go-to marketplace for parents to find the perfect tutor across the UK.


About Tutora

Tutora was founded in 2015 by co-founders Scott Woodley and Mark Hughes. After spending time as a Primary School teacher, Scott was frequently asked by parents to recommend private tutors for their children. Frustrated with a lack of transparent, high-quality and trustworthy tutors, and realising that there were no real solutions available, the idea for Tutora was developed.

Now, two years on, Tutora is one of the leading tuition marketplaces in the United Kingdom. With over 9000 tutors delivering thousands of lessons every week, Tutora has a user-base in excess of 50,000 students - from parents seeking help for their primary-aged children who are struggling to read, to physicists seeking help with their dissertations.

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