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Pierre Kirk and Pacelli Ndikumana

The Electoral Commission has approved The UK EU Party’s application to register as a political party.

The approval means they can put forward candidates in the European elections due to take place on Thursday May 23, assuming that the UK has not left the EU by then.

The new political entrant is called The UK EU Party (UKEUP), set up by a group of UK-based politically aware lawyers working in the city of London with other young professionals.

Pierre Kirk, 42, the party’s leader said, “I believe that staying in the EU is the best option for those who love the UK and want the best for its citizens. We stand for the gentle side of politics, having just one aim and that is to stop Brexit. We intend to become the only mainstream political party in the UK to stand for returning the country to the European Union.

“In the longer term, Read full release

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