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1,000’s of Women Playing Away During World Cup Season!, a dating website for married people seeking extra-marital affairs, has reported a recent surge in new female memberships. Since 15th June ’14 14,367 women have registered on the site. This is almost two times the usual daily sign up rate. spokesperson Emily Pope says: “We have noticed a trend of increased new female memberships at times of the year when large sporting events occur. It comes as no surprise that we have gained more female members around the time of the World Cup, as the ratio of male to female football fans is still far greater. Therefore many women can be left feeling neglected, unappreciated and taken for granted whilst their partner is pre-occupied with the football.” surveyed 5,000 of its female members who had joined the site from mid June onwards, on whether the World Cup had influenced their decision to sign-up and if so, in what way it had done so.

When asked if their husbands watch the World Cup, 92% of new female members surveyed answered yes. When asked if they ever felt neglected by their husbands because of the World Cup a staggering 74% answered yes and 69% said that it had influenced their decision to join 40% even claimed that it had been their primary reason for joining the site.

Emily Pope comments: “We were shocked to discover the scale on which the World Cup actually affected the likelihood of women having an affair. Of course many women nowadays have a shared interested with their husbands in football but statistics show that it still has a pre-dominantly male orientated audience. For many women it can feel like they are constantly fighting with football for their husband’s attention, and World Cup season can prove a particularly frustrating time of year. Many men are pre-occupied, mulling over the latest match and often spend hours at the pub or a friend’s house, not considering how their wife might feel. Not only that, but on their return they are often intoxicated with alcohol and unable to satisfy their wives sexually. Many women are left feeling abandoned, neglected and unfulfilled so it’s not surprising they look to sites such as”


Undercover Lovers is the UK’s foremost extra-marital dating agency with over 600,000 members, which represents almost 2% of the UK’s entire married population. The site was created to provide a safe, discreet and non-judgmental environment, where married women and men can meet.

Undercover Lovers retain a stack of statistics on adultery and related subjects and are happy to share this information with interested journalists. We have experienced media representatives available to contribute to discussions on the subject, as well as female and male members willing to talk openly about their experiences on and off the site.

Emily Pope