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Are You a Footballer's Wife or a Footballer's Widow?

Euro 2004: Are You a Footballer’s Wife or a Footballer’s Widow?

Summary: As Euro 2004 kicks-off, are you about to become a Footballer’s Widow? Now
you can get your own back and win cash prizes as you take out your
frustration at being abandoned in favour of the footie, by kicking his
treasured possessions out the window! ‘Footballers’ Widows’ is the new fun
challenge from top gaming site Tie-in to research released this week that women are the largest market for online gaming & gambling.

Women around the UK are finally going to get their own back on their
husbands and boyfriends who hog the TV and ignore them completely during
Euro 2004 thanks to top gaming site

Forget Footballers’ Wives. This game is for Footballers’ Widows! The name of
the game is to fling his most prized ‘boys toys’ out the window. ‘He’ will
be playing keeper, trying to save them. You just predict which way he’ll
dive to try to save his prized possessions. Feel the sense of satisfaction
as his precious six pack of lager goes flying through the window! Get your
own back as the remote control disappears out the door, closely followed by
his lads mags, games console, car keys, MP3 player and even his TV!

This is a deeply satisfying, therapeutic fun game for football widows across
the country – one in the back of the net for the girls!

Footballers’ Widow’s can be played now on The game can be
played for free to win prize points, which can be cashed in for holidays,
spa days, makeovers, chocolates, DVDs and a whole host of other great
prizes. You can also play for cash prizes, with a minimum stake of 20p and
a ‘double your winnings’ option giving a maximum prize of £1920. Just
imagine having the chance to win almost £2000 while your man slouches in
front of the football!

Jayne Hillson, 34, from Peacehaven in Sussex, is a regular player on

“For the two weeks of a tournament like Euro 2004 I might as well drop off
the planet, for all the attention I get from my husband. He’d take the TV to
bed with him if it meant seeing yet more football action. I truly am a
Football Widow, so now I can not only enjoy getting my revenge, but I can
have the chance to win some cash or even a holiday for me and my friends.”

For those women who are footie fans, also offers the chance
to try their skill as a budding Michael Owen or David Beckham and try to
predict whether they can get the ball past the goalkeeper. ‘Euro Penalty
Shoot Out’ follows the same format as the Euro 2004 tournament, and can also
be played to win prizes or played for a small stake to win cash. is the UK’s top 10 Instant Win gaming sites, according to
both Hitwise magazine, and has a large number of female players. The
range of fun and easy games on the site includes slots, lotto, bingo and
scratchcards, and the most popular games on the site are those that are
female focused, such as Bingo or slots games ‘Girls Best Friend’ and ‘What A
Girl Wants’. Figures released this week by research firm Screen Digest
found that 65% of the players of ‘soft’ online games are women. gives away over £2 million in prize money every week, and has
a thriving online community thanks to the chat facility that runs alongside
the games, allowing players to chat to their online friends, comparing wins
and exchanging tips.


For colour illustrations & screen-shots from ‘Footballers’ Widows’ and for
media enquiries about the game and, please contact Steve
Bustin at Vada Media on 01273 606484 or