Launch of 'The Lean Team': Online Health & Wellbeing Coaching, to be focus of Channel 4's 'Make Me a Million' from 1st Nov

The Lean Team: Energy, Confidence, Weight Loss – Controlled By You.

* Launch of, a unique scientifically-backed interactive coaching system for people looking to lose weight and lead a healthier life.
* The Lean Team is to be the focus of Channel 4’s four-part series ‘Make Me a Million’ from Tuesday 1st November.
* Interviewees available to talk about a wide range of health, fitness, diet and wellbeing issues, including eating well for winter, how to chose well in the supermarket or sandwich shop etc.
* Male & female case studies available, plus Press memberships for review purposes, images, feature ideas, pre-written features etc.

Many people dream of having their own team of experts and coaches helping
them to manage their weight, lead a healthier lifestyle and ensure their
long-term health. The cost of seeing a dietitian, nutritionist, personal
trainer and health psychologist is, however, unrealistic for most.

The Lean Team ( is a
brand new and unique interactive health coaching service, offering access to
The LEAN Health Coaches (LEAN stands for Life, Energy, Attitude, Nutrition)
at a fraction of the cost of their offline equivalents. The result of over 2
years or 60,000 hours of development, these virtual coaches represent a
synergy of the expertise, knowledge and skills of The Lean Team’s group of
experts and advisors, including registered dieticians, qualified
nutritionists, fitness and exercise experts, health psychologists and world
renowned medical and clinical professionals. The Lean Team concept is easy
to grasp and every user will have a unique programme, experience and result
based on their individual needs and targets.

The Lean Team service has several exclusive and distinctive components:

* The online interactive Health Coach guides users through a ‘Virtual Consultation’ looking at diet, health, exercise and lifestyle. On completion, the user instantly receives their personal LEANProfile™, identifying areas of lifestyle and diet that The Lean Team can offer coaching on, to help the user achieve their ideal weight, health and wellness goals.

* A LEAN pack is sent by post, containing three months supply of the unique TareTally™ system, a food monitoring tool allowing users to track the amounts they eat in each major food group by simply tearing the relevant spaces on a pocket-sized card. With no food or drink deemed ‘off the menu’, the TareTally replaces having to count calories or points; the user simply tears the edge of the TareTally to keep track of what they’ve eaten. The TareTally is based on scientific evidence that those who regularly monitor how much they eat can lose and control their weight in the long term. The LEAN pack also contains fridge magnets to support the TareTally system, a tape measure and ‘Don’t Panic’ stickers to be attached to foods that can be grabbed ‘in an emergency’.

* The Interactive Health Coach teaches the user ‘life skills’ to help them lead a healthier life and suggests ‘Healthy Habits’ that are based on the user’s lifestyle. The Coach invites users to log on twice a week to keep track of successes and to take advantage of the support they offer.

While several online diet services have been around for a number of years,
no other service offers the depth of information, personalised coaching or
holistic approach to diet, fitness, wellness and health that is offered by
The Lean Team ( As the user’s needs change when they
achieve targets and goals, the service automatically adapts the advice
offered to help them set and achieve new goals and provide further
motivation. Users can even ask to change coaches, from one who might offer
gentle persuasion to another offering a more ‘pushy’ approach, allowing the
user to create a completely individualised programme.

Every new diet launched demands that followers adopt their version of the
truth; such as mung beans being the solution or that supplements are the
Holy Grail for better health, or Fijiian water guarantees long life. The
Lean Team does exactly the opposite. The Lean Team listens to the user and
then shows them how to create a healthy living plan that follows their
lifestyle. The user can choose what they want or don’t want to change. If
they want to drink or eat chocolate, that’s fine. The Lean Team show how
it’s possible to lose or maintain weight by focusing on healthy living, not
just dieting.

As part of the health coaching service, The Lean Team also offers a wealth
of advice and information including:

* A focus on far more than just weight loss, including energy levels, sleep, mood enhancement, bowel regularity, fitness, concentration, memory and longer term health issues and concerns.

* A comprehensive food database, including pre-packaged food, sandwiches and menus from chain restaurants and shops, to support the TareTally system. (In early 2006 this service will be available by mobile phone text message, for users unsure what to pick in a restaurant or supermarket.)

* The ability to adapt the coaching programme to take account of allergies, food intolerances plus different religious, cultural and ethical needs.

* 24/7 support and feedback, including a cognitive behavioural problem solving section.

Membership of costs
£35, covering the virtual consultation, LEAN Profile, the LEAN pack
including TareTallys and two months of coaching. Further coaching costs £10
per month. In an introductory offer, until the end of November, new users
will get an extra month free.

The launch of The Lean Team is the brainchild of Todd Donnelly and Brayley
Pearce, who are currently being followed by Channel 4 for a fly-on-the-wall
documentary about the launch of the business. ‘Make me a Million’, a
four-part series, starts at 9pm on November 1st. While Brayley and Todd are
the health and wellbeing experts behind the concept, the business brain
involved is that of successful serial entrepreneur and Murrayfield Live 8
organiser, Chris Gorman OBE.

Todd Donnelly BSc ANutr (23), Director of Programme and Research, is a
qualified nutritionist, trained at King’s College, London. Todd is
responsible for the science behind the Lean Team programme, and is
passionate about giving the public an alternative to the alleged ‘diet
gurus’ prevalent in today’s media, and providing evidence-based solutions
for nutrition and health.

Brayley Pearce (36), Communications and Personnel Director is responsible
for the look, feel and usability of Brayley has spent many years responsible
for customer experience with brands such as Swatch, HSBC and TGI Fridays.

Chris Gorman (38), CEO, has mentored Todd and Brayley in the art of
business, using his many years of entrepreneurial fervour and wide network
of contacts to push the development of the business through it’s initial
stages and will continue to lead from the front to ensure the long term
success of this breakthrough system.

Todd and Brayley are backed by an extensive team of experts including an
eminent Advisory Board of leading health professionals, appointed to
oversee, review and verify the validity and accuracy of the programme and
its content. The advisory board includes:

* Dr Anthony Leeds, Medical and Clinical Advisor. Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer, Research Division of Nutritional Sciences, King’s College London.
* Professor Stuart Biddle, Physical Activity advisor. Professor of School of Exercise & Sports Psychology and Head of School of Sport and Exercise Science, Loughborough University.
* Dr Ana Nikcevic, Psychology and Attitude advisor. Senior lecturer in Health Psychology, Kingston University, expert in psychological processes for health and illness, particularly obesity, smoking and stress management.
* Penny Hunking, Nutrition and Dietetics Advisor. Has written for The Food Standards Agency, Chair of Freelance Dietitians Group of the British Dietetic Association, Director of Energise Nutrition Ltd.

Todd Donnelly, Director of Programme and Research, said that aims to make the science of health, fitness and weight
loss simple to understand and easy to apply to everyday life:

“Every day the media is full of reports of the latest diet, celebrity-led
fitness fad and pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo about what we should or
shouldn’t be eating or doing to our bodies.
<> is a new approach that offers sensible,
achievable advice for each individual user, backed by some of the top health
professionals and scientific advisors in the country. We don’t set rules or
unachievable goals, but help ordinary people make the changes to their lives
that will help them to be fitter, healthier and ultimately, happier.

“Even before I qualified as a nutritionist, many people were asking me what
they should be doing to control their weight or how to live more healthily.
I want to get away from the ‘one size or diet fits all’ approach. It’s about
taking scientific knowledge and applying it in a realistic way to people’s
everyday lives, and understanding that we all lead very different lives but
want to know that we’re doing the right thing.”


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