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Ensuring the safety of e-cigarettes

UK Manufacturer highlights potential perils of imported e-cigarette liquids

According to a recent BBC investigation, E-cigarette liquid that was recently purchased on Tyneside contained a potentially harmful chemical. The chemical, diacetyl, is commonly used safely in food flavouring, but is not safe to inhale – having been linked to a serious lung condition.

Brett Horth, Managing Director of UK-based Vapouriz® and Vapour Labs®, explains the types of chemicals present in e liquids being brought into the UK from international markets such as China: “The majority of these Chemicals like Diketones and Ketones are brought in from China, and are compounds such as diacetyl (a Diketone) which is a 'GRAS' substance that is approved for use in food but is harmful when inhaled.”

The butterscotch flavoured e-liquid mentioned in the BBC’s report is one produced by an E Liquid manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. This company offer their products as a white label solution to many UK electronic cigarette companies who don’t have UK R&D and production facilities.

Mr Horth continued: “As a UK e-liquid manufacturer, Vapouriz (a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Vapour Labs) have a responsibility to educate both our consumers and our distributors to any news that may impact the industry both good and bad. In an industry that’s predominantly self-regulated, it falls on companies such as ours to highlight any questionable manufacturing processes that might ultimately be putting consumers’ health at risk.”

Vapouriz/Vapour Labs employ a Head of Technical Services who previously served 20 years in the food industry as a Flavour Chemist, and is a respected expert in flavour technology. All of their e-liquids are researched, blended and manufactured in their own laboratory under quality controlled conditions. The company is also currently seeking ISO approval.

To find out more information, visit Vapouriz and Vapour Labs.

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To find out more, or to interview Brett Horth, please contact Darren Northeast of Darren Northeast PR (working on behalf of Vapouriz) on 01202 676762 or

Notes to Editors

Vapouriz/Vapour Labs has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility wholly based in the UK. They use only top quality ingredients sourced from the UK, and EU, and all ingredients are provided with their own certificate of analysis and product specification so that the company has a full audit trail and are able to create their own MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) in-house.

Vapouriz/Vapour Labs also use a UK based, independent MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) approved contract laboratory to test all of their liquids, and who supply them with Certificate of Analysis for each liquid.

The BBC report mentioned can be found by clicking here.