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Healthy Back to School Lunch and 5 A DAY Ideas

Back to School Healthier Lunch and Sandwich Ideas.

As part of their Diamond Jubilee Celebrations for 60 years of veganism The Vegan Society has come up with 60 delicious 'back to school' sandwich ideas.

To coincide with the Govt's launch of the new 5 A DAY - just eat more fruit and veg TV campaign this autumn, it's hoped that The Vegan Society's suggestions will encourage parents to make healthier choices for their children.

"I find it deeply distressing seeing kids on the way to school with a packet of crisps and a bottle of coke for their breakfast - I dread to think what's in their lunch box" says Tony Bishop-Weston (43) from The Vegan Society.
"Never mind Gillian McKieth and her 'you are what you eat', my mother always said 'breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper' but her best advice was 'eat your greens!'"

The healthier option is usually kinder to parent's pockets too. Highly processed food is often more expensive - apples are cheaper than crisps, water is free and you can get a litre of real fruit juice for the price of a can of coke.

The Vegan Society's 60 scrumptious school lunch ideas are free from meat, fish, dairy, eggs, in fact free from all animal products and include many wheat free/ gluten free suggestions. They are expected to not only appeal to school kids but also entice office workers to rethink their lunch box options.

The suggestions are designed to be just as enticing to committed meat eaters cutting down on cholesterol and animal fats for health reasons as they are to committed vegetarians and vegans.

"Despite all our hard work over the last 2 years there is still a restricted munch-time choice for lunchers who prefer to choose animal free options to benefit people, animals and the environment" says Tony who is also author of a new vegan cookbook.

"High street caterers have got the message that it's not just vegetarians that want vegan options but meat eaters too. Pizza Express for example are experimenting with a new melting vegan cheese by Redwood Foods. However in places such as Pret a Manger and Starbucks you'll be lucky to get much more than a hummus and roast vegetable wrap - delicious as that may be, it gets a bit tedious every day.

"Many of the other high street caterers infuriatingly put a bit of creme fraiche, egg mayo or cheese in their sandwiches despite the many healthier alternatives now available."

For a free leaflet send an self addressed envelope with a 1st class stamp to;

Sandwiches For All, The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road
St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN37 7AA

and the new vegan recipe leaflet will be winging it's way to you or alternatively look on the website


Donald Watson (94) formed the word vegan (from the beginning and end of 'vegetarian') and founded The Vegan Society 60 years ago in November 1944. World Vegan Day is every year on November 1st
Lunch ideas are taken from the original draft of a new cookbook by Hamlyn called vegan (ISBN 0 600 60915-4) published to coincide with the Vegan Society Diamond Jubilee. The Vegan Society publishes Plant Based Nutrition and health (a guide to healthy living ISBN 0 907337 26 0), The Animal Free Shopper (guide to shopping ISBN 0 907337 25 2), Vegan Passport and Vegan Stories. Information at
Diamond Jubilee
2004 is The Vegan Society’s Diamond Jubilee and will be celebrated by The Diamond Jubilee Awards, and a fundraising ball at The City Hotel near The Tower of London on the 4th November. More info at
Health and Nutrition
Comprehensive information on healthy eating and specific issues, such as calcium and bone health, vitamin B12 and heart health, essential fatty acids and nutrition for children, can be found on our website at
Food and Drink Federation research says that 2 thirds of UK shoppers ate meat free in 2003 and 35% of those who didn’t said they would be tempted by more choice.
Mintel says dairy-free food sales have increased by 125% over the last 2 years soya milk sales alone are increasing by 20% per year despite competition from rice milk, oat milk, pea milk, nut milk, quinoa milk and a new Spanish Horchata Tiger White.
Sales of Fairtrade products have now topped £100 million.
Ethical consumption in the UK is valued at £19.9bn according to The Co-operative Bank's Ethical Purchasing Index.
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