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Some retail brands are failing to deliver on the image they present in their advertising and marketing, according to a survey of British shoppers released today by shopper marketing agency Live & Breathe.

Half of people polled said they looked forward to going to a store because of the image it portrayed, only to find it didn’t always have publicised products available. Another 38 per cent said staff didn’t live up to the store image, and 44 per cent found the quality of products disappointing.

The research comes from Live & Breathe’s Going Shopping: Are You Being Served? survey of 3,000 British shoppers. It found there was a big difference between retailers’ marketing promises and the reality of the shopping experience.

In addition, more than 35 per cent of people have at some point refused to go into a store at all because they did not want to be seen as a customer of that brand.

The survey polled a nationally...

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