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Survey Shows Most Women Steer Clear of the Camera on Holiday

More than 80 per cent of British women admit to actively avoiding the camera whilst on a summer holiday, according to a recent survey.

This news comes despite the fact that women across the UK spend on average £135 on pre holiday pampering, including waxing and tanning treatments and general beauty products. Women in the East Midlands spent the most before a holiday - £166 on average.

The research, conducted by Venture Photography, found that women felt too self conscious to have their picture taken in most holiday situations including when on the beach in swimwear (58 per cent), or even whilst out on a day trip (seven per cent).

Almost a quarter of those asked (24 per cent) said they felt self conscious in front of the camera all of the time whilst on holiday, meaning the classic holiday snap could be swiftly losing its appeal.

Venture photographed more than 220,000 people in its studios last year and Richard Mayfield, Venture’s Creative Director, says that his network of more than 250 photographers often encounter women who feel self conscious before a photoshoot.

“In our studios photographers are specially trained to help people feel natural and at ease in front of the camera. But despite a holiday being the time when you’re supposed to feel most relaxed, it seems that women in particular just want to run and hide under the sun bed when the camera comes out.

“This is the case even when a significant amount of time and money has been spent beforehand on treatments and products to look as good as possible.

“I think many women feel pressure from being bombarded with pictures of celebrities on the beach at this time of year, but this shouldn’t stop people capturing some great memories of their holidays on camera.

“For people dreading the camera whilst on their holidays this year, here’s a few simple ‘trade secrets’ to make sure you get the perfect beach holiday snap”:

1) Don’t stand square on to the camera, instead turn one hip towards the camera as this creates a better shape for your figure in general as well as creating a slimming effect around the waistline

2) Always ensure that the camera height is above the eye level of the person in shot as this creates a more contoured, slimmer look for the face and avoids capturing a double chin.

3) Avoid taking pictures in direct sunlight as this is a very unflattering hard light which will exaggerate blemishes and lines on the face. Instead, try a shadier spot which should result in a much more flattering shot.

4) Instead of posed shots why not try and capture some more natural photographs by having shots taken whilst you’re playing with the kids or sharing a favourite joke. Sometimes the less you play up to the camera the better the results!

5) Be aware of the background of your shot as well as the foreground. Even if everyone in shot looks great the photograph as a whole can be ruined if there’s a sign sticking out of somebody’s head or fellow holidaymakers staring at the camera in the background.


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Venture Photography is the UK’s largest contemporary company with studios also in Hong Kong and the US.
Venture founded in 2000 with the aim of revolutionising portrait photography.
Venture has introduced a new concept to the world of portrait photography by reinventing the staged “family portrait”. A Venture shoot is designed to be a full experience, capturing the magic moment by encouraging natural, playful behaviour during the shoot resulting in photographs which shows the subject in their true light.
Statistics quoted from 1000 female respondents as part of a One Poll survey conducted in June 2011