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London, April 30, 2012. Spending on software for product life cycle assessment (LCA) will grow from €21 million in 2011 to €78 million in 2015 across the six largest European economies according to a new report from independent analyst firm Verdantix. Corporate spending on product LCA software will grow at a compound annual rate of 39% over the 2011 to 2015 period. In the major European economies, 2012 spend on consulting services associated with product LCA software usage will be between €61 million and €91 million.

“Software-based product life-cycle assessment is still a nascent market reflected in the €31 million size of the European market in 2012” commented Emilie Beauchamp, Verdantix Industry Analyst and author of the report. “We expect the European product LCA software market to grow by 45% in 2012 reflecting a powerful mix of business drivers spanning environmental regulation and resource...

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