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Vibio releases COVID-19 Sex and Relationship study

London, UK (11th of February 2021): Vibio, a women-owned sextech startup, has released a new study today in partnership with Aperio Insights examining how COVID-19 has impacted our sex and relationships, as well as general mental health and well-being.

Both couples and singles have been having less sex since the pandemic began:

- More couples (63%) are having sex once a week or less, up from 53% pre-Covid

- 61% of singles have had sex once a month or less since the pandemic began, up from 41% pre-Covid

One respondent in a relationship said: “We spend a lot more time together. Also, I think the stress from having to deal with life with Covid (worried about jobs, health, family member's health) has lowered our libidos somewhat.”

However, most of those in a...

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