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Hair Extensions by Virgin Manes

Based in Bedfordshire, 11th April 2014– Virgin Manes Contact: Elka Paquette. tel: 0844 6655154 or 0203 617 1401. Email:
Website: Virgin Manes

Do you want high quality Hair extensions? Do you like to run your fingers through your hair without getting them tangled? Wouldn’t you love your hair extensions to retain its natural luster, smoothness and volume? Well your wait is finally over.

Virgin Manes hair extensions can do all this and more.

Unlike synthetic hair extensions, our hair does not tangle. It has minimal shedding, can be coloured and dyed. It can with stand heat temperatures up to 205c, plus wash after wash it performs as though it has just been installed.
Did you know that many hair extensions providers process their hair using acid...

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