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Vision247’s Data centre in Chiswick is fully operational

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Vision247’s Data centre in Chiswick is fully operational

• Connected to the predominant datacentres via a proprietary fibre optic ring
• 99.99% network uptime
• Full support for MPLS / VPLS across the whole network
London, 17 February 2016 – broadcast specialist Vision247 announced that its data centre in Chiswick park is fully operational.
The Vision247 Data Centre in a new facility at Chiswick Park offers state of the art network and hosting capabilities. It is physically connected to the predominant London datacentres such as Telehouse North and Telehouse West via a proprietary fibre optic ring which is totally diverse. The Vision247 network is interconnected with major national and international carrier networks and to the two major English IXP (Linx and Lonap) to support any connectivity needs.

From a broadcaster perspective, the network is already interconnected with the leading satellite/telco operators and teleports (Arqiva, Globecast, RRmedia, BT broadcast services, Luxlink and many more). On a daily basis Vision247 makes new interconnection agreements with other affiliates to be able to deliver the customer’s content through cross-connections in SDI, IP or ASI formats.

Full support for MPLS / VPLS is available across the whole network, a design built from the beginning to guarantee 99.99% network uptime and the optimal delivery of Video / Voice / Multimedia and in general very-low latency services. By adopting the most advanced virtual switching technology, removing the need for spanning tree protocols across the network, and providing N*10Gbit facing ports to our customers’ devices Vision247 established its network as the ideal platform for customers who need pure excellence for performance and continuity of service.

Even the network cabling is based on two separate and independent distribution layers which serve all racks according to an ANY-to-ANY scheme allowing customers to interconnect with each other neutrally, flexibly and extremely quickly.

Vision247’s facility is served by two power feeds from two different sections of the UK Power grid (from north and south), thus making it virtually impossible for the datacentre to be affected by a power cut lasting more than minute. The entire datacentre is powered by two UPS, which serve all racks through two separate distribution panels to which the customer devices can be simultaneously connected. In the extremely unlikely case of a sustained outage, the data centre is equipped with an emergency auxiliary diesel generator with a capacity far in excess of the maximum load of the datacentre itself.

For cooling there is an N+1 protected AC system, providing uninterruptible cooling with distinct HOT-COLD separation.

Vision247’s roof is home to our satellite-dish farm, with multiple antennas positioned to receive and redistribute from satellites located across 16 different orbital positions. Vision247 is using state of the art fibre optic signal distribution technology to minimise signal loss between dish and receiver. As with every other part of our infrastructure all signal paths are fully reliable offering a 1 + 1 redundancy starting from the dish level.

About Vision247™
Vision247 is uniquely positioned to provide broadcasters, TV channels and content owners a complete end-to-end set of services to allow them to manage, distribute and monetise content via, not only traditional DVB platforms, but also the disruptive new world of IPTV and OTT delivery.
Vision247’s services portfolio includes a data centre, play-out facility and satellite dish-farm in London with connectivity to all major teleports and exchanges, linear TV and VOD online portal solutions, Tier 1 CDN services, App development for OTT platforms and IP connected devices and IP delivery to the UK’s digital-terrestrial platform, FreeviewHD.
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