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International car seat law infographic

• Over a third of British families (36 per cent) have been stranded on holiday without access to a suitable child car seat.
• 17 per cent of parents have allowed their child to travel in a car on holiday, without being suitably secured.
• 56 per cent of parents are not clear on the rules and regulations of travelling with kids in road vehicles in the UK.

• Handy infographic created to support parents travelling at home and abroad.

New research has found that over a third (36 per cent) of parents have been left without a suitable child restraint when using a vehicle abroad.

The research, by mifold and conducted with road safety charity BRAKE, raises serious questions about children’s car safety being compromised, with 17 per cent of parents allowing their child to travel in a car on holiday, in the UK or abroad, without being suitably secured.

Worryingly, the survey of 2,000 parents, found that 56 per cent of...

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