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Guide to the Top 10 Modern Email Phishing Scams Launched by Money Saving Website

I am very pro the hunting down and naming and shaming of these people

- Money saving website helps consumers protect their money
- Up to date guide on the latest financial email scams
- The Top 10 most common email scams are revealed

A UK based money saving website has today launched a guide to the modern day most common email phishing scams to watch out for. launched the guide as a direct result of an increase in consumers searching its site for email and computer protection software.

The team used a combination of research within its customer base to see what spam and phishing emails they most commonly receive, as well as commissioning an online security expert to help write the guide.

The Top 10 Guide can be found by visiting: Top 10 Email Phishing Scams

The Top 10 Most Popular Scams include:

National Lottery Winner
PayPal Verification Scam
Bank Information Phishing
Nigerian Prince (or Inheritance) Scams
Internet Investment Scam
Job Offer Scam
Advanced Fees for a Credit Card
Sale Overpayment Scam
Internet Mail Order Scams
Pyramid Schemes

George Charles is the Marketing Director of money saving website that commissioned the guide and he said,

“We know just how hard people need to work to earn and save their money and we definitely don’t want some thieving scumbag hiding behind a computer or email and taking consumers money”.

“Whilst I am very pro the hunting down and naming and shaming of these people it is probably far better for consumers to report their suspicions to the authorities or banking groups being illegally used by the fraudsters”.

“We have seen a 60% increase in people searching for cyber security software for their personal computer equipment and we hope this guide will help them to hold on to their money and dodge the scammers”.

For more information on the money saving website visit

For further information contact, 07449 667575

The guide can be found here: Top 10 Email Phishing Scams