WRS Systems roll-out a revolutionary new kiosk for Costa

The revolutionary new kiosk for Costa
The revolutionary new kiosk for Costa
Reducing customer waiting times.
Reducing customer waiting times.

A revolutionary kiosk that works to increase transaction speed whilst simultaneously reducing wait times for customers is being rolled out for Costa Coffee. A solution delivered by leading EPOS solutions company WRS Systems, in conjunction with software partner Datasym UK,and hardware partner Oxhoo. The first of the new kiosks being installed in Costas Lewisham store on August 19th, 2019 using Oxhoo’s versatile Eli Kiosk..

According to Retail Wire, 67% of millennials believe that self-service kiosks make shopping more convenient, a group that want to see more kiosks available to support their time pressured lives. This is also true of office workers with limited break times and busy travelers buying goods prior to journeys. Efficiency and convenience, with the minimum of interaction with cashiers is a key requirement of this. To this end the solution developed by WRS Systems for Costa Coffee is made to measure to meet these demands.

Emma Wilson, Business Development Manager at WRS Systems comments: “Providing innovative, reliable and secure EPOS solutions for our clients is at the heart of all that we do, together with our principle partners Oxhoo and Datasym, and for good reason. Like us, they offer cutting edge innovation and a philosophy of collaboration at every stage in POS solution development; from design to service, delivery and support. All key requirements for our clients across hospitality and retail, and essential in delivering this revolutionary new kiosk for Costa Coffee.”.”

Following on from this first installation, WRS Systems then moved to design a bespoke unit with Costa, to be installed into the subsequent trial stores in and around London, with their outlet in Long Lane, Farringdon being the first of these and installed on September 25th. Currently, there are eight stores in the trial programme, typically with smaller shop fronts such as seen at railway stations and strategic shopping locations.

WRS Systems journey with Costa Coffee began in April 2011, when they completed their first installation for the Franchise P2M, at their Cheam store. Since this time the company has installed systems across the UK and Ireland, to all the 947 current franchise estates. A number that has continued to increase throughout 2019 and will rise further in 2020 and beyond.

Importantly, the roll-out, which has been confirmed by industry insiders as probably the largest in the UK during the past 10 years, was completed with no loss of trading to any store. A significant achievement when you consider the trading model of Costa Coffee.

Something that has led to WRS Systems being recognised as their sole EPOS provider - currently supporting over 3600 terminals for the Costa Coffee Brand, a number which continues to grow each week.

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