Survey indicates 50% of Hotel Bathrooms are “disappointing”

With the Royal Wedding and the Olympics imminent, hotels are gearing up for a busy couple of years, but many risk disappointing guests with the state of their bathrooms, a survey by Surface Doctor has found.

Over half of hotel guests responding to a survey a few years ago by Kimberley Clark, stated that the first thing they did when checking into a hotel room was to inspect the state and condition of the bathroom. Over 80% said they did so within the first 15 minutes.

With the rise of hotel review sites on the internet, negative guest feedback can spread quickly and put off potential guests from booking.

Surface Doctor conducted a survey of the state of bathrooms in hotels inspecting 709 bathrooms across 17 hotels and found:-

 42% of rooms had chipped enamel revealing the black pressed steel surface below.

 More than 50% of the damaged baths had a multiple number of chips, with more than 20 found in a couple of baths.

 In 20% of rooms, there were unsightly and heavy stain marks around the taps, which customers may believe is a sign of lack of cleanliness.

 While the survey did not focus on the effectiveness of the anti-slip on the baths, many of which were worn, nearly 10% had unsightly scratches and signs of damage.

A second survey of 528 rooms in 13 hotels also revealed that nearly 20% of basins were chipped or cracked and also nearly 10% of toilets.

Commenting on the surveys Simon McNeill-Ritchie of Surface Doctor said “Over 50% of bathrooms we surveyed had obvious defects, many of which risk leading to customer dissatisfaction and adverse feedback”.

About Surface Doctor:
Surface Doctor, a major player in the renovation of damaged surfaces can refurbish hotel bathrooms, damaged, discoloured or scratched baths and sinks, and provide anti-slip surfaces for baths and showers.

Resurfacing by Surface Doctor is the cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to replacing fixtures on bathrooms that are worn, damaged, or simply the wrong colour. Baths, showers, tiles, sinks and countertops can now be resurfaced in place for a fraction of the cost, time and inconvenience of replacement.

Simon McNeill-Ritchie can be contacted on or 0800 9800 900