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Why A Property Millionaire Author and Speaker Is Giving His Last Ever Property Conference in Heathrow on November 21-23 (and 12 months follow-up support for free!)

For those of us who have a pension, we are in the minority. Nowadays with the lengthening life expectancy, collapse of global financial markets and increased cost of living, its becoming harder and harder to live off the remains of a pension.

Regardless of income, credit, race or education you can build a sustainable property portfolio in the next 12-24 months

That’s where property investment comes in. And where property millionaire Matthew Moody made his fortune in the late noughties buying properties in the Midlands, converting them into house-shares and renting them out to young professionals. With a portfolio worth conservatively £3.5 million, Matthew started sharing his knowledge back in 2006 to students eager to replicate his success and has been featured on BBC, Radio...

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