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The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company Opened a Russian Web Site

“The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company” is the trading name of three companies: The Kent Tea and Trading Company, The Sussex Tea Company and Tea And Coffee Dot Com Limited. The company’s factory is now over five thousand square feet (with the own tea bagging machine); with a special factory shop inside.

The oldest part of trading company is ‘The Kent Tea and Trading Company’ was established over thirty years ago. This company is responsible for import of tea and coffee; they are also involved in packaging of tea, roasting and packaging of coffee. Products come under various brands; among them are Pluckley Tea, Gurkha Tea, Bombay Tea, and Kentish Roast Coffee. It is mainly the wholesale company. Other branch of trading company is The Sussex Tea Company, engaged in retail trade. They work mainly for the native region (Sussex) and have own brand named ‘Sussex Tea Original Kenya...

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