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Back Pain treatment money back guarantee available form chiropractors registered with MedicalAssure


It need never be a worry again to pay chiropractors’ bills thanks to a groundbreaking patient care insurance scheme from MedicalAssure and available in Warwick at Stefaan Vossen’s chiropractor clinic in Warwick.

All patients, no matter how severe their spinal problems, sciatica, sore necks, aching knee joints or nagging arthritis, are guaranteed their money back thanks to MedicalAssure if your chiropractor has not relieved their pain within a few weeks.

The guarantee is already proving popular with patients, leading to continued increase in business at the clinic in Warwick and prompting MedicalAssure to begin rolling it out for hundreds of chiropractors and their patients around the country.

‘It is all about showing that our profession delivers real results for people. For far too long, chiropractors have been regarded somewhat suspiciously as not fully fledged members of the medical community with slightly unreliable reputations’ says the tall Belgian.

‘I want to demonstrate that we matter every bit as much in a person’s overall wellbeing regime as GP’s, dentists and other specialists. We do a serious job, achieve positive results for our patients and must become an integral part of their long term healthcare planning, no wonder 42% of the population suffers with back problems.’

Stefaan, the Flemish son of a GP and a nurse and who has 14 relatives in his family who are all chiropractors, worked closely with MedicalAssure to develop the guarantee. ‘It came to me after conducting a patient records review. I realised that over the previous three years I had achieved a 95% success rate with everyone who came to me for treatment. Therefore it was obvious that offering such a guarantee was only going to be a good thing.’

‘It didn’t matter whether they had arthritis, severe spinal problems, muscle spasms or neck injuries – they all left feeling happier and in less pain than when they had arrived. With a track record like that I reckoned it was time to put my skills and my money on the line to prove that chiropractic care really works and is not some New Age fad as some people still believe,’ says Stefaan.

‘Now anyone coming to me knows that they will not feel as if they might be throwing their money away and that it might not work for them. I am giving them peace of mind whatever the outcome.’

But isn’t he worried that he might get ripped off by unscrupulous patients? ‘Quite a lot of my colleagues have expressed this worry to me but I’m confident that the measurement and evaluation system MedicalAssure and myself have put in place will prevent it happening.

If the scheme, developed with MedicalAssure, proves a success then Stefaan sees the guarantee becoming a stepping stone for a new generation of chiropractors, all of whom will give the money back treatment guarantee – as a kind of badge and endorsement of their results driven effectiveness.

‘Its significance is two-fold; people will be buying an end-product not a service which may or may not work, secondly all healthcare practitioners in this field will have to up the standard of their care and be very clear about what can and cannot be achieved.’

MedicalAssure Chiropractors will be the only healthcare practitioners who could give the guarantee. The success of each programme of treatment will be measured on a pre-agreed ‘pain scale’ which involves patients assessing their pain levels on a 0 – 100 intensity graph at their first visit and then giving verbal assessments of its diminishing levels after each subsequent visit.

He feels that scores of chiropractors around the UK who feel as confident in their skills as him will want to sign up for the scheme because it is such an endorsement for their individual success rates. ‘It sends out the right message; that we know what we are doing, and that you know what you’re getting. Ultimately this exercise was about making chiropractic care more accessible and more obvious, leading to people seeking care early on, which can only be a good thing.’

‘I hope that eventually people will treat us like they treat their dentists today and come for check ups to prevent problems arising or getting too serious. Usually, they come when it has progressed so much that the pain is unbearable. That is the biggest problem with chiropractic today,’ he observes.


Notes to Editor:

• MedicalAssure is trading style of Peacock Insurance Services who are autorised and regulated by the FSA

• For further information please contact Mark Bugg on 07505 108 257 or email