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NitroSell is excited to announce WebSell, a new, AI-powered e-commerce solution that will revolutionise online retail and deliver the next generation of e-commerce.

Working in either standalone or in tandem with leading, cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems, WebSell will be a defining product in the e-commerce space, empowering retailers’ online success.

Those interested in discovering more about WebSell’s features, as well as gaining early access to preview and beta versions, can sign up to the newsletter via the WebSell website.

“WebSell is our commitment to responding to the needs of today’s retailers and shoppers by delivering a next-generation, intuitive e-commerce platform,” said Donogh Roche, CEO of NitroSell. “Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, WebSell will enable online retailers to list products with minimal data entry, predict current and...

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