Welltodo Releases 2019 Consumer Wellness Trends Report; Highlighting The Behaviours Impacting The Global Wellness Industry

LONDON, United Kingdom, 8th Nov, 2018, –– Welltodo, a leading global platform dedicated to helping people build incredible businesses and careers in the wellness industry, has announced the upcoming launch of its 2019 Consumer Wellness Trends Report.

Exploring the eight key consumer trends that we predict will impact the trajectory of the global wellness industry, not just now, but also into the future, the comprehensive report presents Welltodo’s unique perspective on the themes driving this fast-growing market.

Compiled by trend experts, with support from Welltodo’s network of thought-leaders, industry veterans, disruptors and innovators, the 2019 Consumer Wellness Trends Report uncovers and interprets insights ranging from how purpose-driven millennials are shaping what it means to be ‘well’ to which wellness brands are pioneering a movement towards more accessible and relatable solutions addressing mental illness.

Designed to spark a powerful conversation about the business of wellness, the report will help you to discover new ways of thinking and enable you to stay ahead in what is now a $4.2 trillion industry*.

“As modern consumer engagement with wellness continues to expand beyond the realms of diet culture and one-size-fits-all exercise concepts to encompass a more informed and proactive approach, the global wellness industry has evolved into an increasingly complex and transitory market,” comments Laura Hill, Senior Editor, Welltodo.

“By highlighting high-growth opportunities and exploring fresh perspectives, this report aims to provide you with the tools you need to leverage the opportunities that now sit within this behemoth of an industry and enable you to connect with consumers on an even more meaningful level.”

Below, you’ll find an exclusive preview of the report:

In an era where almost everyone is seeking to amplify their wellness, for the vast majority, the industry at large hasn’t done a very good job of making them feel like they’re part of the movement, or even welcome. The reality is that for the most part wellness brands have done little to push the boundaries of diversity, but here is where a huge opportunity exists for brands who really seek to break into more mainstream, mass market audiences.

Holistic Health
As recognition grows around the interdependency between health and wellness, the once distinctly separate industries are joining together to form a more holistic approach to health.

Buoyed by concepts like ‘exercise as medicine’ and ‘eating for life’ that have captured the imagination of consumers, this shift in thinking has led to an increase in concepts catering to individuals who want to take charge of their health and make proactive changes that start with their everyday wellness.

The Boutique Model Branches Out
The boutique fitness model has become ubiquitous with the wellness industry since it first disrupted the market with its premium aesthetic, bespoke services and cultivation of tribe-like communities. The exponential adoption of the boutique model by millennials has changed the fitness market forever and now forward-thinking operators from outside the fitness arena are leveraging its commercial value to create the same success for themselves.

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* Source: Global Wellness Institute