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Mumpreneur unveils fun way to keep soft toys and furry friends

BUSY mum and business entrepreneur Iona Hutchinson has launched a new and fun way for children to store the soft toys and furry friends they receive for Christmas safely and securely.

Iona Hutchinson, chief zookeeper and driving force behind Little Zookeepers, makers of a new storage system called the Zoo, said: “Countless numbers of soft toys and furry friends will arrive at their new homes this Christmas.
“And as soon as they can they will be roaming around as they please and setting up camp wherever they fancy.”
Mother-of-two Iona realised that the Zoo, invented by her uncle in the USA, was the answer and decided to launch it in the UK.
Experts predict that the Zoo could put an end to hoards of soft toys hiding out in the corner of the playroom or camping out at the end of the bed. Read full release