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There are a wealth of great games assets in the industry spanning a period of over 30 Years just waiting for us to find, updating and adapting them for today’s market and new platforms and gamers.

These brilliant games give the player the fun and fulfillment of objectives that are so important to game play and can once again see the light of day giving new and old gamers the thrill of playing a game with a proven success record.

West Coast Software are working on a number of titles and are pleased to announce that it has secured a license to produce a new HD version of the immensely popular D/Generation from the original developer, Robert Cook.

Technical Director, John Jones-Steele, who developed the Amiga & ST versions of the original games will be leading the team that will produce the new version from the original codebase to ensure all the gameplay and puzzles remain true to the original.

The company has been...

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