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Senior execs are not shunning social media, but more than 40% in a survey by Not Actively Looking prefer live interaction

LONDON, 21-11-19. Not Actively Looking (NAL) - a career management platform for senior executives, has announced the results of its survey “Is Social media more important to senior executives than it was three years ago?”

The online survey of 450 senior executives was conducted by NAL and looked at their usage patterns of social media. While 84% use social media today more than they did three years ago and close to 70% use social media daily, only 4% rely exclusively on social media for communicating and 41% prefer real life conversations most of the time.

All are members of NAL and typically in the 35-55 age range.

Ninety nine percent have an account with LinkedIn, 63% with Facebook, and 46% with Instagram, the third most...

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