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Lynx recruits e-business manager

Robert Moores has been recruited as the e-business manager at e-solutions provider Lynx Technology, where he will be responsible for helping clients develop their IT strategy and implement
e-business solutions.

Lynx already successfully provides a comprehensive range of
infrastructure, hosting and enhanced managed services to its clients.
With the development of its strategic e-business consulting team, Lynx
is now proactively helping its customers link business strategy and IT
to deliver bottom-line business results.

Moores, states, "We believe that the most rewarding opportunities during
the coming 12 months will be in supply chain integration and information
sharing through intranets and extranets.

"There is a very strong business case in these areas based on lowering
the cost of business operations combined with a low level of risk, and a
quick return on investment. Put quite simply, linking IT systems
eliminates data entry duplication and error, and speeds up the whole
business process - it is not difficult to attach a value to this".

Lynx has already implemented several XML-based solutions in this area,
and doubtless XML, along with workflow, extended transaction management
and message queuing technologies will be central to integrating business
processes and systems both within and across organisational boundaries.
By providing linkages at system and process levels these technologies
extend the life of existing systems and information stores, and enable
business managers to select new best-of-breed applications as
appropriate. In business terms,
this represents a low-risk, incremental approach to the development of

Robert began his working life in sales before moving into IT. From
early years as a computer programmer he moved on to project management
and has worked in Australia and the USA. Prior to joining Lynx, Robert
spent seven years as Director and co-owner of CATS Consulting which he
helped grow from the proverbial attic start-up to a strong regional

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Lynx Background

Lynx Technology Ltd is part of Lynx Group plc. As a proven and
established IT services partner, Lynx Technology delivers the most
robust, secure and reliable e-solutions and e-business infrastructures
available today. The company has demonstrable expertise in e-solutions
design, deployment, hosting, ASP, implementation, security, support,
maintenance and remote management.

Technical services in the UK are provided through Lynx Technology's head
office in Derbyshire, plus eight regional sites including a Central
Operational Support and Hosting Centre in Sheffield. Lynx is a Compaq
Systems Service Provider and Solutions Delivery Partner, Cable &
Wireless a-Services Partner, Intershop Professional Solutions Provider,
Microsoft Certified Partner, Citrix Gold Solutions Provider and Check
Point Authorised Partner. It also enjoys a close working relationship
with many other leading IT, communications and Internet companies,
including Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, PSINet, and UUNet.

Lynx Technology employs 400 people nation-wide and, with a Group
turnover in excess of £(pounds sterling)250M, is well established,
financially stable and secure.

For more information contact

Ranjit Dhillon, Lynx Technology Ltd.,

Tel 01773 882092



or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR,

Tel 01428 641413,