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Lock in a price for your old iPhone BEFORE 12 Sept or risk losing up to £50 off the value of your mobile

• Last chance to get the best deals
• Trade-in prices set to plummet as new iPhone release date looms
• Big dip in recycling price expected following launch

3 September – Independent mobile phone comparison site,, is warning of a big drop in recycling prices for iPhones from 12 September, the date of the highly anticipated Apple Event, where it will reveal its latest range of phones. Compare and Recycle is urging customers not to miss the boat on the current price surge and is encouraging those who want to get the best price possible for their old iPhones to lock in a price before it’s too late.

Its most recent and comprehensive iPhone Price Tracking report (, which analyses data around the past six generations of iPhones, shows a big dip in what you can earn for your old iPhone as the new models come to market. The data shows that in the ten days between the announcement of the new iPhone and its release, consumers are likely to receive £50 less for their old phones. is recommending that customers lock in a price for recycling their phone by 12 September at the latest to ensure the best trade-in price. After that, prices are set to be turbulent and face a slow decline throughout the remainder of the month and beyond.

Matthew Moreton, Managing Director at Compare and Recycle, explains: “The announcement date means one thing for iPhone resale prices: they will be at their highest prior the date of unveiling and if you don't lock in your recycling price on announcement date, you will miss out on a fair amount of cash.

“So if you are looking to trade up, and haven't yet read our in-depth iPhone Price Tracking report, then head online and plan your trade-ins, contract renewals or upgrades in accordance to when the prices maintain for the longest.”


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